Gardening for Pollinators with Annual Bedding Plants, Herbs, Bulbs and Minnesota Native Annuals

Many of these plants are available in either seed packets or plugs at local nurseries and farmer’s markets, others can be found on line or in catalogs. Always ask if plants or seeds have been treated with pesticides.

Please note: Unless specified, these plants are not native to Minnesota but will supplement the diets of our pollinators. Native plants are the best way to support wildlife, resources on page four.

Our list was screened by experts for invasive status in regions in and around Minnesota. As climate changes, the last thing we want is to promote use of a plant that could escape into our natural areas and threaten what little natural habitat remains. We all need to be cautious and ask that you please check invasive status for any new plant you add to your garden, regardless of where you live and garden. 

See the complete list and additional resources for incorporating annual plants that help support pollinators: 

Gardening for Pollinators with Annuals

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