Pollinator Revival Pledge
“I will not use, sell or promote products that contain the insecticide neonicotinoid or any neonicotinoid derivatives. Products containing these chemicals are known to be fatal to beneficial insects as well as insect pests. The toxin remains accessible systemically in the flora for years, passing it along the food chain well beyond the initial application.”

Ways you can help:

  • READ and learn which pesticide products contain neonicotinoids.
  • PRINT and TAKE literature or articles you’ve read to store owner or manager, ask if they have a few minutes to talk. Wait or come back later, if busy.
  • EXPLAIN the value of pollinators to our food chain, and ASK if they are willing to stop selling these products and will take the Pollinator Pledge on our website.
  • THANK stores already aware and not selling these toxins, invite them to take the Pledge on-line.
  • THANK store staff you have educated, remind of the Pledge.
  • EMAIL Pollinator Revival so we can thank store for taking the Pledge, highlight them on our web, and if necessary, help with safe disposal.
  • TAKE the pledge, post a comment with your name and email, and any addition info you’d like to add on why you’re taking the pledge.